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There are many providers of French language courses, the most well known being the Alliance Française. But costs for these classes can be signficant. If you live in Paris however, you have access to a completely free and recognized online french learning method: Assimil.

Whether you want to be fluent or just at ease at the local boulangerie, learning French is extermely useful if you live in France. Classes however may be quite expensive and the online free ads that promise to teach your French in two weeks are often not more than basic Youtube videos.

If you live in or close to Paris you can have access to language learning courses provided by the libraries of the City of Paris. Most of these language courses are also available online and use the the very well known Assimil method. One of the courses that is offered is French for foreigners and if you already speak French, you can learn many other languages, including Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

So to start learning French, plus d’excuse, and follow the instructions below:

  • Join a Parisian library. For instructions and more information, see the post Join a Parisian library and borrow foreign language books.
  • Go to
  • Now, you need to log-in with the number on your library card (your password is typically your date of birth). This is a mandatory step, if you are not logged-in you won’t have access to the course. To log in, click on the person in the upper right corner.Assimil
  • Scroll down to Méthodes de langues. Assimil online and click on the button Accéder à la plateforme.
  • On the Assimil platform, tick the box Anglais for Langue maternelle. Now you can access your French learning course French with ease and start the course (Commencez votre apprentissage).

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