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5 favorite gifts for Francophiles and foreigners in France that will be instant hits

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France: we all love it and although we may not always understand it, the country surely has a special place in our hearts. As foreigners we want to discover its cuisine and wine, we try to understand – and sometimes joke about – the French habits, and we love to use their best inventions. So, here are our 5 best gifts that every Francophile and foreigner living in France will appreciate.

1. On va déguster la France (Let’s eat France !)

This is the absolute food bible of France and a feast for everybody interested in the country or in French food. With its mouthwatering lay-out, brilliant infographics and unique content, you will find yourself struggling to stop discovering the country and its gastronomy. It explains everything from the different French breads to the various local cheeses, and reveals the classic recipes of the best ratatouille, the baba-au-rhum and hundreds of other classics.  The book is available in French and in English and rightly so, it has been a worldwide hit (named Best Food Book of the Year by the New York Times). On va déguster la France is our absolute favorite gift, but if it’s for yourself, you can also borrow if for free at some Parisian libraries


2. A Year in the Merde

Another classic for foreigners in France is Stephen Clarke’s A Year in the Merde. The book tells the story of an Englishman who comes to Paris to open tearooms. Clarke describes his adventures in a hilarious way and foreigners living in France will recognize plenty of anecdotes – and feel good that someone has described it so vividly. The book is an easy read, extremely funny, although sometimes a bit over the top. But a must read for everybody who has stayed in France for more than a month. Also available for free at some Parisian libraries.


3. Wine Metro Map

French wines are not organized by grape, but by region. And the best wines from the region come from certain appellations. Most of the French wine-drinkers seem perfectly familiar with these appellations, so chances are that you are a bit clueless at every dinner party with your French friends. One exceptionally nice way to get a grasp of it is with this wine map, inspired by the metro map of Paris.


4. Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset cookware is arguably one of the best products from France and almost every French person has one Le Creuset pan shining in the kitchen. And with reason, it is a pure delight to cook with it. The only catch is that the cookware is relatively expensive. But luckily enough the small pans are reasonably priced and one of our all-time favorite gifts is therefore the Le Creuseut Mini Cocottes.


5. Croissant neck travel pillow

This hilarious croissant neck pillow is the ideal goodbye gift for your friends who leave France. A good night sleep on the flight back to their homecountry thanks to this croissant.


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